Auto Attendant: Provides you with the tools to build your phone system and establish your users. 

Administrator: Assign to a person who will function as the primary contact for your Line2 account. This user has the same rights as a Power User but in addition will receive all billing and system email communications from Line2. Only one user can be designated as an Administrator.

Power User: Assign to persons  that will be responsible for managing other users on your Line2 Account. Power users can create and edit other User accounts, reset passwords, edit account wide preferences and update billing information.

Basic User: Assign to persons  that will only need access to their account preferences and settings.

Call Scheduling: Quickly and efficiently forward your calls based on your availability, ensuring that no calls slip through the cracks with our call scheduler.

Call Forwarding: Allows you to controls how Line2 connects your incoming calls whether to the Line2 App or a landline/cell number. 

Direct Dial Number:  A direct dial number will give a user the ability to receive calls without the call having to go through a phone system.

Standard Extension: A standard extension should be used when you want to connect callers to a specific person . The extension is accessible via the Phone System Manager.

Sub AttendantUse a Sub- Attendant when you want to provide an additional set of phone numbers to your callers. 

Info OnlyUse Info Only extension when you want to provide callers with access to information without having to reach a live person.

Standard UserThis user type is only available when your phone system is active. You would choose this option if you need to create a Line2 account for a specific person, The user will be accessible via an extension, phone system menu or direct dial number. This user will have access to voicemail, messaging, customizable personal greeting and call forwarding.

Fax OnlyYou would select this user type if you need an account reserved for only receiving faxes.  Callers who dial a fax only number will receive a fax tone.  Faxes received will be stored in a message inbox, which can be easily forwarded to an external email address.

Stand Alone user: Select this option if you want to create a user that can only be reached by a direct dial number. Stand alone users have access to voicemail, messaging, customizable personal greetings and call forwarding. Stand Alone users can not  be accessed thru your Phone System.

Call Queuing: Call Queue creates a virtual waiting room where callers wait to be connected 

Dial Sequentially: Your Line2 app  will receive incoming calls in the order of the way you have your numbers listed in Account Manager.

Dial Simultaneously: All numbers on your Call Forwarding List will ring at the same time.

Automated Voice Greeting: Your greeting will be read by a computer voice, you can keep the current greeting text or submit a custom script. There is no charge for automated voice greetings.

Professionally Recorded Greeting: Your greeting will be submitted to a professional to be recorded. Submit a script and your greeting will be recorded in 2-3 days. 

Analytic report: Create detailed reports and view information in graphs. 

Call Screening: Review incoming calls and decide if you wish to accept, decline, or send a caller to voicemail.

Number Porting: Transferring/Porting a number means taking an existing phone number from one provider and transferring it to another. As a Line2 customer, you'd be transferring an existing number from your current provider to Line2.

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