Line2 Account Manager: Manage Inbox


Access Voicemail

1. Click on Inbox located on top row
2. Your Message Center will appear and you will have access to all of your voicemails.

Create Voicemail Folder 

  1.  Select the + Folder Icon on bottom left   
  2. Type in Name
  3. Click Save

Add Voicemail to Folder

  1. Click on the checkbox(s) next to the voicemail 
  2. Click the Move To button
  3. Choose the folder you wish to move the voicemail to 
  4. Click Done

Edit Voicemail Title

  1. Click on Edit next to the Voicemail subject you want to change
  2. Create a new name 
  3. Hit Enter and the name will save

Receive Voicemail Notifications via Email

You will receive an email notification each time a voicemail is left.

If you are not receiving emails, please try the following troubleshooting tips:

  • Check your SPAM/Junk email folder for the Line2 Voice Message emails 
  • If you find the emails in your SPAM folder, add to your contacts

Access your Voicemail from a Different Number 

Helpful Hint:  In order to use this feature, your password can only be letters and numbers, no symbols

  1. Call your Line2 number
  2. Once you hear the voicemail greeting press the asterisk (*) key
  3. The system will prompt you to enter your password and press pound (#)
  4. Follow the prompts to listen to and delete your voicemails

Save a Voicemail in your Email
All voicemail messages are sent as an mp3 attachment to the email address you've listed on your Line2 account. You can save the message by saving the notification email or downloading the mp3.

Saving a Voicemail in your Account Manager

  1. Go to - Sign in and log into your account 
  2. Click on Messages 
  3. Click on Voicemail
  4. Open the Voicemail you wish to download
  5. Click Download

How to use Advanced Search in Message Center 

Under "From" and "Subject" you can search by the following terms:

  • Contains
  • Does not contain
  • Begins with
  • Ends With

Use the empty box to the right of "Form" and "Subject" to enter the text you want to search

Use the remaining sections to narrow down your search:

  • Search in - All folders or select a specific folder
  • Has Attachment - check for yes
  • Date Range - Enter a From and To Date if desired
  • Click Search to get your results
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