Check Port Eligibility for your Number

  1. Log into your Line2 
  2. Click on Dashboard
  3. Tap on Number Porting
  4. Enter the number you want to transfer to see if it is eligible for porting
    1.     You will see one of two notifications after entering your number. 
      1. A success notification letting you know you can begin processing your port request 
      2.  A failure notification stating that your number cannot be processed at this time and to contact Customer Service.
  5.  If you receive a success notification, you will receive an email from Customer Support with additional instructions. 

Additional Questions:


 What does it mean to Port or Transfer my number?

Transferring/Porting a number means taking an existing phone number from one provider and transferring it to another. As a Line2 customer, you'd be transferring an existing number from your current provider to Line2.

 How do I check the status of my number transfer?

 Our Porting Department will provide you with status updates for your port request via email.  If you port request is rejected, Customer Support will alert you 2-3 days after your request

 What do I need to begin my porting process?

You will need your account number, pin and billing address associated with the number you are porting.

Many providers make it easy to obtain this information yourself, but some require a call to Customer Service.  If you are looking for your Line2 account number and pin, you will need to contact Customer Support.

What do I do if I want to cancel my port?

If you decide you do not want to port your number, please email

Are only administrators allowed to submit a port request?

No, all users can submit a porting request.

Do I manually cancel my services with my current provider?

Port out policies vary by provider but most will honor the transfer date as the Stop Billing date and automatically terminate the line. You may still want to contact them 24 hours after the number transfers to ensure they have canceled the line on their end and stopped billing. You should not cancel your line until you receive a notification from Line2 that the transfer is complete.

Am I able to transfer my existing Google Voice number to Line2?

Line2 currently supports the transferring of Google Voice numbers to Line2. Before you begin the process of porting your number, you will need to unlock your number with Google before porting begins. Instructions to unlock your Google Voice Number, can be found here. 

 Can I transfer my Line2 number to my new carrier?

Yes, you can port out your Line2 number to your carrier. You will need to provide your new carrier with the Line2 number that we have on your account.

Do not cancel your Line2 number until your new carrier has confirmed that your new account is setup. If you have any questions about your current account and porting out information, please contact Customer Support.

 What happens when my port request is rejected?

You will need to contact your current carrier and verify that all of the account information you have provided to Line2 is correct. Once the correct information is obtained, simply reply to the email we sent about the rejection. We will update the current order, and we will begin processing the port once more.

Keep in mind: The ten-business-day time frame starts over when the order needs to be re-submitted. 

Will I still have my current cellular service after I port my number?

No, you will no longer have service with your provider after porting your number. 

If you wish to retain service with your cellular carrier, request that they issue you a new phone number on your existing cellular account. If you wish to cancel service with your cellular carrier, you may instruct them to cancel your account. Note that you will lose your cellular and 4G/3G coverage if you choose this option. If you choose this option, Line2 calling and texting will be available only when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Why is my current number not able to be transferred to Line2?

Each carrier has different areas they provide service to, these areas are determined by the first six digits of the phone number . Although we may provide service for certain area codes, we may not provide service for all numbers within that area code.

What information do I need to know before porting my fax number?

Line2 customers are only able to receive faxes. If you wish to port your  existing fax number, it will  be transferred over as a direct dial number that you can receive faxes from.

How do I change my Line2 Number?

 Please contact Customer Support if you need to change your Line2 number.




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