Line2 Account Manager: Settings: Call Settings

 Call Settings Menu

  1. Log into Account Manager 
  2. Settings
  3. Call Settings 

In your Call Settings Menu, you can configure Caller IDs and customize what callers and users experience as an incoming call is being forwarded.

Keep in Mind: In both outgoing and incoming calls, carriers can not forward caller ID 100% of the time. We can not guarantee that the caller ID will always come through.

Default Caller ID -
This number is displayed as the Caller ID for all outbound calls you make using Line2. You can only change your Caller ID number to current numbers on file.

  1. Settings
  2. Call Settings
  3. Edit
  4. Click drop down
  5. Select New Number
  6. Select Save

Inbound Call Handling
Here you are able to customize your caller and subscribers experience during Call Forwarding.

When Someone Calls Me
Your Options Are:

  1. Call Screening: Caller hears Personal greeting, the system records caller's name and then the caller hears music on hold.
  2. Caller hears greeting prompt followed by music on hold
  3. Caller hears hold music/message only.
  4. Caller hears “Connecting Call” followed by ringing
  5. Caller hears ringing only

When Line2 forwards a call to my phone:
Your Options Are:

  1. Require me to press a key to accept the call (missed calls go to your Line2 voicemail, not your personal voicemail).
  2. Immediately connect the caller to me or my personal voicemail, whichever answers.

When Line2 calls me during Call Forwarding, the Caller ID should be
Your Options Are:

  1. The caller's phone number.
  2. My Line2 phone number.
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